Plantation Shutters

Home Shutters increase the value of your home;  they are permanently fixed.  Other window treatments can be taken down. Shutters insulate better than other window treatments.  Lower your utility costs in the hot summer.  And they can keep out the few chilly mornings in the winter! Shutters enhance your windows.  And will stand up to […]

Poly Shutters

Weaver has built and installed poly shutters since 1995. The poly shutter is attractive in any room. The poly shutter is the only shutter that can hold up in wet areas. Our poly shutters are a solid poly extrusion.  We do not sell the hollow plastic shutter.

Wood Shutters

Weaver’s wood shutters come with either a smooth or soft textured louver.  Weaver developed the soft textured look. The soft textured louvers provides a real wood enhancement to your home. Weaver can custom match paint colors. Weaver can match your trim color with your wood shutters.