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weaver shutters
Our Shutters

Painted shutters

Our painted shutters can come with a smooth louver or a soft textured louver. We developed the soft textured look. The textured louvers enhance your home with a real wood shutter feel. Shutter reseller do not offer this look.

We can custom match paint colors.

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weaver shutters
Our Shutters

Stained shutters

Our custom stain shutters are made from basswood. We can match most stain colors. But, unfortunately, the Arizona sun is intense. The UV light will fade any stain products exposed to the Arizona sun.

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weaver shutters
Our Shutters

Poly Shutters

We have carried the poly shutter since 1995. The poly shutter is attractive in any application. It is the only shutter that holds up in wet areas. Our Poly shutters are should Poly resin extrusion. We do not sell the hollow louver plastic shutter.

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Product Options


Our stained, painted-textured, and poly shutters can be used in an arch window. The composite line can only be built for rectangular windows. Below are samples side by side of windows built with the sunburst option or the arch panel option.

The sunburst option has a fan look. These make a distinct architectural statement. The sunburst works best above eye level. If the sunburst option is at eye level it will be more difficult to look through the fanned louvers. The louvers open manually one at time. The arch panels have horizontal louvers going straight up through the arch portion of the window. This could be a better option. The tilt rod can open all the louvers in the panel at once. Your choice of option will come down to which option appeals to you most aesthetically.


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Unlike shutter resellers, we control every element of production — how the panels are assembled, how your frames are joined, how precisely a fan top fits an odd shaped window. Shutter resellers have no control.

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