What to Use Instead of Vertical Blinds for Windows

Dressing up your window can greatly refresh your home, enhance curb appeal, and increase energy efficiency. If you’re new to home improvements, you may think vertical blinds are the only game in town. After all, blinds are ever-present in offices and are frequently the window dressing of choice in apartment rentals. However, for several reasons, […]

Indoor Versus Outdoor Shutters

Window shutters come in various styles, shapes, colors, and makes. From cafe-style shutters and bespoke shutters to solid shutters, there’s a range of options depending on your needs and desired aesthetic appeal. While there are many options, determining whether to install indoor or outdoor shutters in your East Valley, AZ, home can be confusing. Each […]

How Do Plantation Shutters Open and Close?

Often, homeowners find themselves with a broken water heater, damaged roof, or other critical element needing repair and find themselves improving their home only at that point. Shutters, too, are often only upgraded when one or more are damaged. But the truth is that shutter treatments can help refresh a home, enhance security, and improve […]

Choosing Shutters for Large Windows

Many homeowners and property owners think about shutters only when they need repairs. But upgrading shutters is an underrated way to spruce up and refresh your home, giving it instant curb appeal. Shutters can also be an important part of your energy-saving efforts, helping you keep heat and costs low. Many shutters for wide windows […]

What are Double Hung Shutters?

When it comes to home renovations, finding the perfect window treatment that combines both aesthetics and functionality can be challenging. After trying numerous options, many homeowners in the Phoenix Metropolitan area are turning to double-hung shutters. Understanding what double-hung shutters are all about can help you make an educated decision about your interior design. Weaver […]

How to Paint Plantation Shutters

Painting plantation shutters is an essential aspect of maintaining their beauty and functionality. If you are looking to refresh your existing shutters, painting can breathe new life into these window coverings. If new shutters are in order, Weaver Shutters is a trusted supplier of high-quality plantation shutters in the Phoenix Metro Area. Preparing for Painting […]

Guide to Pairing Curtains with Plantation Shutters In Phoenix, AZ

Custom plantation shutters can be a beautiful addition to your windows, and pairing them with just the right curtains can further elevate the appearance of your home. While windows with plantation shutters do not necessarily require curtains, the Weaver Shutters team can help you in finding aesthetically pleasing curtains that complement the color of your […]

What Are Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters?

Your window coverings are an important aspect of the overall functionality of your windows and the appearance of the outside of your home, which means that choosing the right option for you (and your windows) is a must. Bi-fold plantation shutters are one of several popular options that can be a good fit for a […]

Understanding Plantation Shutters Versus Traditional Shutters

When it comes to window treatments, shutters are a popular choice, known for their elegance and functionality. However, with various styles like plantation shutters, traditional shutters, and California shutters, choosing the right one can be challenging. Exactly what is the difference between plantation shutters and traditional shutters? And more importantly, how do you know which […]

Guide to Shutter Materials In Phoenix: Wood, Vinyl, and More

Choosing the right shutters for your home involves more than picking a style; it’s about understanding the various materials and their suitability for your specific needs. This in-depth guide delves into the most popular shutter materials, helping you make an informed decision to upgrade your residence with a stylish, functional solution that fits your lifestyle […]