Weaver Shutters in Mesa, AZ: Synonymous with Excellence

Welcome to Weaver Shutters, where Mesa’s heritage of architectural beauty and our legacy of superior craftsmanship converge. Established in 1976, we’ve grown alongside the city of Mesa, sharing its evolution and echoing its vibrancy through our impeccable range of shutters.

From the historic charm of Downtown Mesa to the sprawling suburbs, our shutters aim to accentuate every Valley home with grace, functionality, and enduring value.

Plantation Shutters locally made by Weaver Shutters in Arizona since 1976.

Why Chooses Weaver Shutters in Mesa?

In your search for shutters in Mesa, you’ll encounter various choices, but here’s why Mesa’s discerning homeowners consistently lean towards Weaver Shutters:

  • Seasoned Craftsmanship: Our dedication to Mesa is long-standing. Every shutter, crafted locally, brings together decades of expertise and a passion for excellence. This ensures not only top-notch quality but also timely installation.
  • Singular Focus on Shutters: At Weaver Shutters, our heart and soul go into one craft – shutters. This laser focus translates to products that are a perfect blend of aesthetics and durability, making Mesa shutters from Weaver, a class apart.
  • Homegrown Quality: In a landscape dotted with imports, our shutters stand tall and proud, embodying the spirit of Arizona. Each interior shutter is a pledge of unparalleled quality and timeless style.


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Weaver’s Array of Services Tailored for Mesa

Our services have been meticulously crafted to meet the distinct needs of Mesa residents, offering a variety of options to suit your preferences:

  • Plantation Shutters in Mesa, AZ: A seamless blend of elegance and practicality, our plantation shutters offer homes in Mesa a touch of sophistication. Beyond their visual appeal, these shutters are an excellent option for increased energy efficiency, providing protection from the desert sun and optimizing comfort. They are more than just a home addition; they are an investment that uplifts your home’s intrinsic value.
  • Poly Shutters: Designed with precision for Mesa homes, our poly shutters are the epitome of durability, especially in moisture-rich environments like the bathroom and laundry room. Having championed the poly shutter artistry since 1995, our solid poly extrusions promise longevity and style.
  • Wood Shutters: Our wood shutters have a distinct appeal, especially for homeowners seeking a traditional look. Be it the sleek sheen or the distinct soft-textured louvers pioneered by Weaver, they infuse Mesa homes with warmth and authenticity. Have a specific shade in mind? Weaver ensures a perfect match with your existing interior palette.
  • Window Shutters: Catering to Mesa’s diverse architectural palette, our window shutters offer choices galore. Whether you lean towards the majestic sunburst design or the classic arch panel, our creations seamlessly align with your preferences, offering both visual appeal and functional brilliance.

Product photo of Weaver Shutters locally-made home window shutters for Arizona homes

Weaver Shutters in Mesa, AZ: A Partnership Carved in Tradition and Excellence

Our presence in Mesa is more than just a business; it’s a bond forged in trust, excellence, and shared growth. Over the years, countless Mesa homeowners have upgraded their homes with our shutters, choosing them for their beauty and durability. For us, it’s not just about delivering a product; it’s about curating unparalleled experiences and fostering a bond that lasts generations.

Transform your Mesa home into an emblem of elegance and functionality. Let Weaver Shutters be the catalyst for a transformation that echoes style, quality, and impeccable craftsmanship.

Ready to elevate your Mesa home’s aesthetics? Connect with Weaver Shutters, where every shutter tells a story of dedication, artistry, and Mesa’s spirit.

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Our Reviews

Debbie Heun
Debbie Heun
December 28, 2023
This is the 2nd time we have used Weaver Shutters -again excellent service from Isrrael who came to measure and gave us a quote to the installation of the finished product (sorry did not get the 2 installers names) but all were very professional and did a great job! It was less than than 2 weeks from the quote to installation-we are very happy with the products-they look great!!! Exactly what we wanted! Highly recommend Weaver Shutters - a Phoenix based company!!
Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen
December 27, 2023
Did a great job and they were on time delivery
Linda Palestini
Linda Palestini
December 20, 2023
Weavers shutters did an amazing job from start to finish. Prompt, efficient and a great transformation. Thank you.
Wayne Thorpe
Wayne Thorpe
October 26, 2023
Excellent ! Price AND quality. Installation went smoothly and the product upgraded the appearance of my house extremely well.
rajat gupta
rajat gupta
August 19, 2023
Great product and great company..They installed plantation shutters all around in my new home..Israel and Marco were very knowledgeable and responsible people..Durability of the shutters will be tested by time but they gave me lifetime warranty so I am not worried at all. Definitely recommend weaver Shutters.
Paul Mannheim
Paul Mannheim
January 10, 2023
got shutters from them one year ago. they’ve been VERY responsive when i need something fixed (ie: cat biting wooden panels). would def recommend!
Kenneth Huffine
Kenneth Huffine
October 14, 2022
I have never dealt with a company that provided any better service start to finish than Weaver’s Quality Shutters. The shutters are installed and look great.
Terry Shamley
Terry Shamley
September 15, 2022
Thank you for the fabulous made in Arizona wood shutters!
Pamela Baylor
Pamela Baylor
August 8, 2022
From start to finish our experience with Weaver Quality Shutters was better than expected. Brent the sales person showed up on time, with product samples (the rep from Lowes forgot his samples ) and was very informative. We didn't install our shutters until a few months later and by that time I had several questions about what we talked about with Brent. I must have texted him at least 4 times and each time he responded quickly and 'with pleasure'. Our installer was Israel and he was top notch as well. Very polite, clean and answered all of our questions. I would definitely recommend Weaver. The quality of their shutters was better than we expected. We purchased the wood shutters that sit outside of the window trim and had them painted to match the trim in our condo. We love that style because they feel like a piece of furniture rather than a window treatment. The price was well below that of Lowes and Costco but the quality was better. Thank you Weaver for an outstanding product and experience. - Pamela and Jeff Baylor