Premium Shutters in Peoria, AZ, by Weaver Shutters

Weaver Shutters has been Peoria’s trusted source for window shutters since 1976. We are proud to be an integral part of the Valley community, catering to the window treatment needs of Peoria homeowners with precision and style.

From the busy regions of downtown Peoria to its serene suburban spaces, our shutters offer every home a blend of design and practicality.

Plantation Shutters locally made by Weaver Shutters in Arizona since 1976.

Why Choose Weaver Shutters for Your Peoria Residence

For those looking to upgrade their Peoria shutters, Weaver Shutters offers numerous benefits that make us an ideal option:

  • Established Local Craftsmanship: With a legacy that stretches back to 1976 in Arizona, we understand the local needs better than most. Our shutters, manufactured right here in the Valley of the Sun, ensure quick installations and a quality that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Specialization in Shutters: Our focus is singular – shutters. This commitment ensures that every resident of Peoria gets a product crafted with undivided attention, ensuring excellence and functionality. Rather than trying to inundate our customers with excess products, we prefer to focus on expanding our extensive expertise specific to shutters, providing you with the best of the best – and a far easier decision-making experience.
  • Proudly Made in Arizona: Each pair of our interior shutters is a testament to the skilled hands that crafted it in Arizona. This guarantees a product built for durability and designed with care. We aren’t outsourcing our products, which allows us to maintain our high standards for excellence. For our customers, American-made shutters reduce the risk of delays, inconsistent quality, and other common frustrations with imported home products.

Weaver Shutters Products & Services

Every homeowner (and their home) is unique, so we offer varied products and services to serve an array of needs, styles, and budgets, including:

  • Plantation Shutters: Our plantation shutters are more than just an aesthetic upgrade. Designed for efficiency, they offer Peoria homes an energy-saving edge, potentially translating to reduced utility bills. A great choice for both aesthetics and long-term value.
  • Poly Shutters: Certain areas in homes, especially damp ones like bathrooms, demand a specialized approach. Enter our poly shutters. Their resilience to moisture and general wear means they’re both durable and appealing.
  • Wood Shutters: Timeless in their appeal, our wood shutters infuse Peoria homes with a sense of classic elegance. Whether you have a specific shade or finish in mind, our customization options ensure your needs are met.
  • Window Shutters: Peoria homes are diverse, and so are our window shutters. Tailored to fit various window designs, our range ensures each home in Peoria finds its perfect match, both in terms of design and function. If you have unusually shaped or oversized windows, we likely have styles that provide a flawless fit.

Product photo of Weaver Shutters locally-made home window shutters for Arizona homes

Weaver Shutters in Peoria: Commitment and Consistency

For years, the residents of Peoria have recognized and valued the consistent quality and service of Weaver Shutters. Our goal is straightforward: to offer top-grade products while ensuring a smooth customer journey, from the initial inquiry to the final installation.

Considering an upgrade for your Peoria home’s windows? Discover the blend of durability and design with Weaver Shutters. Call today, and let’s collaborate to enhance your interiors with shutters that truly stand out!

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