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Welcome to Weaver Shutters, Scottsdale’s trusted provider of high-quality window shutters since 1976. As a proud local business, we’ve always been rooted in Arizona and dedicated to our customers throughout the Valley of the Sun.

Whether you’re in the heart of Old Town or nestled in the quiet outskirts of the city, our shutters are designed to bring style, functionality, and longevity to your home.

Plantation Shutters locally made by Weaver Shutters in Arizona since 1976.

Why Choose Weaver Shutters for Your Scottsdale Home?

If you’re searching for shutter installation in Scottsdale, you have plenty of options – but Weaver Shutters takes pride in being the first choice for Valley locals. Here’s why:

  • Local Expertise & Craftsmanship: With our history dating back to 1976, we pride ourselves on producing locally-made shutters that are both top-tier in quality and made right here in Arizona. This not only ensures faster installation but also guarantees that your shutters are made with the meticulous care and expertise that only decades of experience can provide.
  • Specialization in Shutters: Unlike many competitors, Weaver Shutters is exclusively dedicated to shutters. By channeling all our energy and expertise into one niche, we ensure that every shutter you receive from us stands out in its elegance, durability, and functionality.
  • A Commitment to Quality: Our shutters aren’t imported; they’re made in Arizona, ensuring a quick turnaround from the moment you place your order to the day of installation. Our unwavering commitment to quality means you’re not just getting interior shutters; you’re investing in a legacy.

Weaver Shutters Products & Services

We are proud to serve customers in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas, providing a broad range of services including:

  • Plantation Shutters: Elegance meets efficiency in our beautifully crafted plantation shutters. Not only will our plantation shutters enhance the charm of your Scottsdale home, but they’re also energy-efficient. Experience lower utility bills during the sweltering summer months and enjoy a home that stays cooler, longer. Plus, investing in our plantation shutters boosts your home’s value – a win-win by all measures!
  • Poly Shutters: Perfect for those wet areas in your home, such as bathrooms and laundry rooms, our poly shutters are renowned for their durability and attractiveness. Proudly crafted since 1995, Weaver’s poly shutters are solid poly extrusions, giving you quality that stands the test of time.
  • Wood Shutters: Add a touch of classic warmth with our wood shutters. From a smooth finish to the exclusive soft textured louver developed by Weaver, you’re assured a stylish enhancement that complements your Scottsdale home’s interiors. Looking for a custom color match? Weaver has you covered, ensuring seamless integration of your shutters with your existing decor.
  • Window Shutters: Whether you have a penchant for the sunburst top or prefer the full arch panel, Weaver Shutters brings versatility to your window treatments. With the capacity to craft shutters for nearly any window design, our focus remains on creating shutters that appeal to your aesthetic preferences and functional needs.

Product photo of Weaver Shutters locally-made home window shutters for Arizona homes

Weaver Shutters in Scottsdale: A Tradition of Excellence

Join the countless Scottsdale residents who’ve transformed their homes with the timeless beauty and resilience of our shutters. Our commitment isn’t just to window treatments; it’s to providing you with unparalleled customer service, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience from consultation to installation.

Ready to redefine your Scottsdale home? Step into the world of Weaver Shutters, where quality meets style.

Call 602-267-7000 today to begin your journey towards exquisite window transformations now!

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