Many homeowners and property owners think about shutters only when they need repairs. But upgrading shutters is an underrated way to spruce up and refresh your home, giving it instant curb appeal. Shutters can also be an important part of your energy-saving efforts, helping you keep heat and costs low. Many shutters for wide windows are available, but not every style works for each house. If you have large windows and are thinking about new shutters, here are some criteria to consider as you select.

Interior vs. Exterior

The first consideration is whether you’re looking for interior or exterior shutters. Interior shutters are generally used to improve owner privacy. They provide some level of insulation and protection but less than exterior windows. In addition to insulation and protection, exterior shutters can add curb appeal to a home. Both interior and exterior shutters come in many different styles and materials, some more appropriate for large windows than others.


Regarding materials, you’re primarily looking at three different types: wood, poly, and metal. Wood shutters look excellent and can be crafted to your specific tastes. Poly shutters also offer great aesthetic choices but are more durable than wood shutters. Crafted from a vinyl resin, poly shutters offer great customizability. These shutters can display various colors and patterns and may be positioned vertically or horizontally. They’re also easy to repair, clean, install, and maintain. Metal shutters provide the greatest security, although they’re typically only used for exterior shutters.

Several shutter styles may be great for your home when choosing shutters for large windows.

Shutter Styles for Large Windows

One of the most popular shutter styles is the plantation shutter. This type has wide slats known as louvers that can open and close, allowing light in or blocking it as desired. Louvers can be anywhere from two and a half to four and a half inches and are controlled by a vertical strip of wood in the center of the shutter. These shutters are a perfect interior option that can help you lower your heating and lighting costs. They’re also durable, with many lasting between 20 and 30 years.

Cafe shutters cover the bottom of your window, with light streaming in from the top half. They are typically louvered and controlled by a central strip. They’re ideal for children’s rooms, free of chords, although they can accentuate other home parts. If you’re choosing shutters for large windows with a rounded upper half, arch panel shutters are an excellent choice. You can install arch panels with a divider rail and even a sunburst. These design options can brighten a home and make it more appealing to visitors, passersby, and prospective buyers. Along with these style choices, you can customize your windows even more with different touches, like paint choices, textured or smooth louvers, and custom wood design elements that complement existing architecture.

Selecting Shutters for Big Windows

These are just a few items you’ll need to consider when choosing shutters for large windows. It’s also helpful to have a professional look at your windows and help you identify shutter choices that work well with your home’s architecture and complement its design. If you’re thinking about new shutters for your Arizona home, you’ll want to call Weaver Shutters. Offering shutter installation for nearly fifty years, Weaver Shutters specializes in installing locally made plantation shutters for residential properties. But we offer a variety of wood and poly shutter styles suited to different homes and preferences and are passionate about making your home look beautiful.

Contact us today, and let’s discuss how we can help you increase your property’s curb appeal, save energy costs, and beautify your home with quality shutters for your large windows.


Image source: Roi Brooks via Shutterstock