Window shutters come in various styles, shapes, colors, and makes. From cafe-style shutters and bespoke shutters to solid shutters, there’s a range of options depending on your needs and desired aesthetic appeal. While there are many options, determining whether to install indoor or outdoor shutters in your East Valley, AZ, home can be confusing.

Each option offers unique pros and cons related to privacy, aesthetic appeal, shade, and more. This makes it crucial to determine their difference before installing any of these options. Keep reading this piece by Weaver Shutters to learn more about interior versus exterior shutters, including a detailed look at their differences and which options to choose based on your needs.

Exterior Shutters

As the name suggests, exterior shutters are installed outside of a home. Homeowners primarily use them for the aesthetic appeal they bring to their homes. That’s why many styles, including board and batten, louvered, and flat panel boards, allow homeowners to pick an option consistent with their architectural design.

Exterior shutters are also suitable for areas prone to harsh weather conditions since they help prevent windows from being damaged by debris. They are also ideal for security as most can deter burglars.

Besides these benefits, some homeowners prefer not to install them, considering that you may need to go outside whenever you intend to close them. Their constant exposure to weather elements requires frequent treatment to protect them from rotting, swelling, and warping.

Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are installed inside the house, covered with raised panels or louvers, and surrounded by rails and stiles for privacy or control light. Various options are designed to meet multiple needs, but most focus on aesthetic appeal with less concern for exposure to natural elements.

Most of these shutters swing to open from the inside and provide full, unimpeded access. However, some options can be closed or opened with movable louvers that allow significant sunlight to enter a room. These make them ideal options for any window or even your patio doors.

There are various options to choose from. This goes from louvered shutters, interior paneled shutters, plantation shutters, fabric insert shutters, Bahama shutters, and customized options. Each comes with its unique characteristics meant to meet specific needs. For instance, homeowners can choose between fixed and movable louvered shutters, with the movable options offering flexibility to position the louvers for the best airflow control, privacy, and light directions. This is probably the reason why they’re the preferred options.

Interior Versus Interior Shutters: Which to Choose?

Both interior and exterior options offer various pros and cons that you need to evaluate before making your choice. These few factors will help you determine which option is best for your needs:

  • Exterior shutters are usually left open, meaning you must go outside frequently to open and shut them.
  • It’s easier to customize interior shutters to match your preference. For instance, if you want control over the sunlight in your home, you can use louvered shutters. Other options, like plantation shutters, also have adjustable sluts to control light and level of privacy.
  • Interior shutters offer more options depending on the homeowner’s desired aesthetic appeal.
  • Exterior shutters are more prone to natural elements, requiring constant maintenance to maintain a fresh appearance.

Based on this simple comparison between these two options, interior shutters are the better option. However, it’s crucial to understand that preference depends on the needs and aesthetic goals of the homeowner.

Interior Shutters in the Phoenix Area

It’s clear which option suits your needs between interior shutters and exterior. However, interior shutters offer an edge over the exterior option due to their versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

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