Custom plantation shutters can be a beautiful addition to your windows, and pairing them with just the right curtains can further elevate the appearance of your home. While windows with plantation shutters do not necessarily require curtains, the Weaver Shutters team can help you in finding aesthetically pleasing curtains that complement the color of your home and the rest of your decor scheme to create an even more intricate design.

Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing curtains that work well with your plantation shutters!

How to Choose Curtains for Your Plantation Shutters

Curtains usually only work well with plantation shutters when both pieces are chosen carefully because this combination can easily look off if their colors, sizes, or materials do not complement one another. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing curtains for your plantation shutters!


Because curtains and shutters generally serve similar functional purposes, choosing the right length can be an important step in making your overall design make sense. Curtains that are significantly longer than your plantation shutters can often work better than keeping them too close because this option can make your decision to use both pieces look more intentional and well thought out. Even curtains that cover your entire wall often look nicer than curtains that are too small.


Curtains that cover plantation shutters often need to be quite large, which means that they will likely be one of the first things you and your visitors notice when entering the room. This means that choosing a color that works well with the rest of your space is even more important than it might be for smaller and less eye-catching curtains that are roughly the same size as your windows. Neutral curtains can work well in nearly any space, but choosing curtains in a color that matches or complements the rest of your furniture and decor can add an even more beautiful touch.


Choosing the right fabric is also an important step in making sure your curtains look nice with your plantation shutters. Most curtains that are used for this purpose should either be very lightweight or quite heavy to ensure that they contrast enough with the size and thickness of your shutters.

Tips for Pairing the Curtains You’ve Picked

Not all curtains need to be hung above your windows, but attaching them separately is often the best design choice if you have large plantation shutters. Using a curtain rod that is long enough to clearly contrast from your shutters and ensure that both parts are easily accessible is also important, and this rod should usually be installed a minimum of several inches above your shutters. Because pairing curtains and shutters typically creates a large enough element of the overall design of a room to function as a centerpiece on its own, it can also be helpful to avoid using any other large accessories too close to them.

Curtains or No Curtains With Plantation Shutters?

Curtains are generally not essential if your windows have plantation shutters because most shutter designs are perfectly capable of covering your windows and blocking sunlight on their own. In fact, the sturdy and opaque materials that shutters are typically made from often mean that they are even more effective when used by themselves than most types of curtains. However, curtains can also be a simple solution for filling in gaps if your shutters are less thorough than average and do not provide full coverage. Adding curtains to your plantation shutters can be an excellent option if you are interested in maximizing the complexity of the overall interior design of your home, but it is often a personal choice.

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